100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug

100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug

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Have you been searching for a solid copper Moscow mule mug? With our high-quality copper and a great selection of mugs, you can feel confident your drinks will be enhanced and stay colder, longer. The copper mug is a tried and true staple in the cocktail world. With its cylindrical design and heavy feel. This Moscow mule mug is made of solid copper with a food-safe nickel-plated interior lining and brass handle. This mug is a perfect companion to any Moscow mule recipe. These hammered copper mugs will really stand out in your kitchen and impress your friends.

Lighten up your kitchen with these classic copper mugs and serve your guests some cocktails or mocktails in style. Our copper mug will freeze in seconds. The pure copper transmits an icy cold experience directly to your lips, and the metal blocks the freshness of the drink. The mug of choice when serving the famous Moscow mule - a refreshing cocktail made of ginger beer, vodka, and a dash of lime juice. The shiny copper exterior shines wherever it is placed.


  •  Made of Pure Solid Copper
  •  No nickel, tin, or steel
  •  Classic and elegant design
  •  Material: Metal
  •  Metal Type: Copper
  •  Type: Mug