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Great Day!

My name is Shawntika Grace-Aiken. I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and now residing in Charlotte, NC. In 2016, I embarked on a new journey to wellness. While on this journey, I learned so much about nutrition and eating to live. I began to look at the cooking tools I was using and saw how they were also affecting the foods when prepared in them. I thought, how can I assist the collective with being able to implement this knowledge into their daily lives? Grace's Kitchen Store was birthed for this very reason. To provide healthy kitchen essentials to assist in the wellness journey of food preparation. In our store, you will only find products that are healthy to prepare foods in. They won't leak harmful chemicals into food while being cooked. Products offered are essential in the wellness journey but just in everyday practical use. Here at Grace's Kitchen Store, we put the people first; knowing the rest will follow divinely.

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